Top Three AI-Devices That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Top Three AI-Devices That Will Make Your Life Easier


It is reasonable to assume that the majority of the public is not aware of how much artificial intelligence actually influences our daily lives. We might just be oblivious to it, as the implementation has happened gradually, without people actually paying too much attention to it. Today, however, AI seems to be a frequently discussed topic, and its most obvious benefit is its ability to make our lives easier. have listed today’s top three devices that will make our lives easier, starting with the smartphones and their personal assistants.

1: Smartphones and personal assistants:

iPhone’s Siri is something that most of us have heard of, but many of us might not think of the fact that Siri is AI. Siri is a personal assistant that you can access via your smartphone, asking anything from what the weather will be like next Wednesday, to what the time difference is between China and Sweden.

The development of smartphone personal assistants have now gone beyond Siri’s initial features, such as Windows’ Cortana who can remind us of important dates coming up, and Google’s Google Home and Apollo, which is referred to a one-stop assistant for all of your personal and business needs.

2: Wearable Technology:

Wearable technology can range from your personal fitness assistant to Google’s Google Glass, a device you can wear that allows you to stay connected to your phone, e-mail and apps, without taking your eyes off the road. Highly applicable when driving!

Wearable tech also allows you to keep track of your physical situation, such as how much you sweat, heart rate, and when you should take a break. It also allows you to share your information with others, in order to maintain your routine.

3:  Online Bots:

This feature is one that most of us might not even realise is running in the background as we are enjoying the perks of the Internet. Ciklum refers to the example of Yahoo who has released an AI platform that detects up to 90% or rude, harassing comments via the help of algorithms.

In a world where cyber-bullying is a very large problem, the ability to detect this behaviour through AIcould potentially decrease this issue significantly.

Online bots are also very applicable in the customer service industry, as bots are now helping the customers to answer questions, or provide you with assistance if a customer advisor is not present at the moment.

In general, smartphones, personal assistants, and online bots are beneficial to us by increasing our productivity and providing us with insights at a faster rate than what we would be able to ourselves.

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