Tired of Sorting and Reading Emails? This Issue Belongs to the Past, Software Company ‘Slack’ says

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Tired of Sorting and Reading Emails? This Issue Belongs to the Past, Software Company ‘Slack’ says

Slack, a company that brings all your communication together in one place, functioning as a  real-time messaging, brings great news to anyone struggling to get through their e-mails daily. The software company predicts that in the future you will not need to read most of your e-mails as the company is now working towards making their artificial intelligence strong enough that it can read through your messages so you don’t have to, Inc.com writes.

“If the company’s AI gains the ability to sort through messages quickly and deliver only the relevant, important information–or simply to deliver it first–Slack is betting it can help eliminate clogged inboxes and make workplaces more efficient”, the website writes.

Slack’s co-founder and chief technology officer Cal Henderson  told Inc.com that: “Five years ago, the idea of a computer looking at a photo and telling you what was in it seemed impossible. Now, AI systems from tech companies like Facebook and Google can recognise images, using deep learning to write descriptions like “a boy sitting on a beach next to a dog.”

“Facebook’s Deep Text, meanwhile, can already understand the content of messages. It goes beyond simply recognising keywords, so typing “I need a ride to the party” will bring up a button to hail an Uber, but “I don’t need a ride” won’t”.

Slack’s head of learning and intelligence, Noah Weiss also revealed in an interview with Recode, that the software company is working on making its chatbot into a resource for workers.

The software company has an average of 4 million daily users at companies like Airbnb, Buzzfeed, LinkedIn, and Inc., and is growing at a rate of 50,000 users per week, and Henderson actually confirms that a workday with less emails is no longer just a possibility, it is coming soon.

“There’s so much to unlock there,” Henderson says of artificial intelligence. “We’re just getting started.”

This article was first published at: http://www.inc.com/kevin-j-ryan/slack-co-founder-cal-henderson-artificial-intelligence-chatbot.html?cid=sf01001&sr_share=twitter

Photo Credit: Flickr.

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