“The Future of Healthcare will be driven by the Open Source Community”

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September 28, 2015
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September 28, 2015

“The Future of Healthcare will be driven by the Open Source Community”


Executive Chairman, Gary Bartholomew, Open Source Health Inc. states “We are re-defining the next generation healthcare platform by incorporating big data and artificial intelligence to deliver personalized medicine at the molecular level”.

"The Future of Healthcare will be driven by the Open Source Community"


Mr. Bartholomew will discuss The Future of Healthcare and the underlying big data-AI architecture required to deliver personalized medicine globally. The economics of delivering an individual molecular profile to each person is now in reach. Ten years ago it took $1 billion and a year to sequence a person’s genome, now its $1,000 and 1 day. With emerging new technology this will soon be done in one hour costing $100, triggering the mass adoption of personalized and preventive medicine. Beyond the genome are open source developments in the proteome, microbiome, metabolome along with quantified self, using wearable devices and “At-Home” nanotechnology sensors such as the hormone sensor under development at OSH. OSH is leading the development of the big data-AI model architecture that is needed to store and analyse all of this molecular data.

OSH leads the open source community in the development of the big data-AI platform to deliver this to the masses and curate personalized healthcare programs based on data. This is the next generation Electronic Health Record that will transform the healthcare system, empower the patient and significantly drive down healthcare costs.

Source – http://www.stockhouse.com/news/press-releases/2015/07/28/open-source-health-chairman-speaks-on-the-future-of-healthcare-osehra-summit

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