Racetrack.ai’s Chatbot Gives Human Touch to E-commerce

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Racetrack.ai’s Chatbot Gives Human Touch to E-commerce

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Customer engagement plays an important part in traditional retail outlets – and a young team at Racetrack.ai have come up with a resolution to bring this engagement to e-commerce portals: an artificial intelligence-driven sales chatbot which engages customers with a human touch. It’s already live and providing round-the-clock hands-on solutions and technical support.

Navneet Gupta, Chief Technical Officer of Racetrack.ai said, “Marvin – an AI-driven Chatbot from Racetrack.ai engages a website’s visitors intelligently. We understand that customer engagement is of utmost priority for any business and we have designed it to not only intelligently engage with the customer but also make the conversations fruitful with every chat.”

He points out that the AI-driven platform can not only convert a simple query to a customer but can also attain a loyal customer for life by a unique customer engagement.”

Traditionally, the job of customer engagement was completely left to human agents. Naveen said, “With Marvin, we are aiming to change this industry trend as it can engage with the website’s visitors by answering the prospective customers instantly and providing an altogether unique customer experience, while cutting down on huge expenses borne by businesses on sales and support agents.”

Elaborating further, CEO Subrat Parida said, “Imagine you have hired a team of professionals to help you in your business by answering your sales and service-related queries. You will set up infrastructure, train them, pay them hefty salaries and after sometime, they leave. It’s not just a financial loss but also time loss. The chatbot won’t do this. It is economical, time efficient and learns with experience.”


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