Five Ways AI Improves Customer Experience

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Five Ways AI Improves Customer Experience


Artificial intelligence is making its way into various industries and by the help of this technology, companies and businesses are now able to transform and improve the way they interact with their customers and clients. 

AI has proven highly applicable in improving the way that companies interact with their customers which is essential in 2016, as the market is highly competitive. In an interview with TechZone 360, Titir Pal, VP of Products & Solutions at Absolutdata has listed five ways that AI is changing customer experience:

1: Improving search engine results: critical for search engine optimisation is the ability to understand search results through the help of machine-learning AI systems. This technique improves the customer experience significantly as it provides them with a broader choice of products customised to their searches. An example is when Amazon suggests products they think might be out of interest to you, based on your recent searches or purchases.

2: Routine problem-solving in customer service: Chatbots are now taking over in many areas of customer service, helping customers in answering standard inquiries, making suggestions etc. This relieves humans from spending time attending to the most basic enquiries, and rather focus on the questions that require more effort and research.

3: Personalised recommendations: AI is gathering and analysing data in order to apply a personal touch when interacting with customers. Due to AI being able to analyse huge datasets from both individual customers and similar accounts, it is able to use predictive analytics too, make accurate estimates about a customer’s behavior.

4: Better user experiences and interfaces: Developers are now looking into ways of applying AI to take the user experience beyond graphics, to explore new and better ways of communication. This includes text and voice, and the purpose is to develop a more holistic experience for the receiver.

5: Superior customer insights: Any tools that allow a business to identify and highlight correlations in their customer information is obviously beneficial. This provides the company a better understanding of what their customers appreciate and want, in order to meet their demands, hence why companies are now investing heavily in AI.

Titir predicts a very exciting future for IoT and AI-tools as their advancements are rapidly expanding. ” AI has long been considered a transformative development for business operations. But as these five points demonstrate, AI is changing the customer experience too”, Titir writes.

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