Artificial Intelligence is Here to Stay – Whether You Like it or Not

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Artificial Intelligence is Here to Stay – Whether You Like it or Not

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Artificial intelligence has gone from something we only saw in a science fiction movie to being embedded in your everyday life. It is everywhere, and the industry is extremely rapidly evolving. Professionals globally says that if you are not part of AI as a business, you are falling behind. has previously written a feature that highlights the various industries where we can see the impact of AI today, looking at its development over the past years. We have witnessed machines conquer humans in anything from playing chess to Jeopardy, and it is safe to say that AI is influencing the majority of the planet’s population, to various extents.

“Imagine a world where cancer is curable and autonomous vehicles transform the transportation industry; where search and rescue drones can navigate dangerous situations….it is a fascinating world indeed”, the website writes.

Looking at AI’s potential in various industries, YourStory looks at healthcare and its capabilities to accurately scan through complex vast amounts of data in order to detect meaningful patterns to offer a critical advantage.

Despite critics saying that AI will eventually put employment at risk, YourStory mentions how AI scientists usually explains this by saying that AI will only work to relieve us from mundane, time-consuming tasks, in order to spend our time more efficiently on the more important tasks.

A recent market report about AI said that it is an information system that is inspired by a biological system, (the human brain), and this report shows that between 2016 and 2025 the direct and indirect application of AI software will grow from $643 million to $36 billion. Clearly, AI is here to stay, the website reports.

There is no longer any doubt that AI is here to stay, with massively successful companies such as Apple, Google, Nokia etc. investing in the industry, implementing anything from deep learning to speech recognition, which is continuously evolving at an exceptional rate.

“In our own lives, AI has become indispensable. It is used to analyse your browsing history via a network of algorithms running in the background and it is the power behind intelligent keyboards on smartphones which reduce your typing burden by anticipating the next word”, Yourstory writes.

There is no longer doubt whether AI is here to stay or not, the only unsure aspect is to what extent it will influence our daily lives.

Looking at it from the perspective of many scientists it will have a positive influence on the whole, and the concerns that are raised are often not as serious as they might seem at first glance.

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